Amanda Nicole Reyes


Visual Storyteller


Amanda Nicole Reyes a Mexican American visual storyteller from Denton, Texas. Reyes currently resides in Brooklyn, NY as a freelance Digital Media Creator. Amanda has devoted her life to the visual arts. She’s earned a B.A. in Media Arts at the University of North Texas and M.F.A in Directing Narrative Cinema at the Brooklyn College Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

As a visual storyteller, Amanda’s artistic focus centers around progressive social causes as she uses digital media as a catharsis for the hardships experienced by underrepresented communities. This past summer Amanda directed a pilot for NY Channel 1 of a new comedy series called Half-Life, the story follows Patty, a working mom trying to balance her home life with working in the movie industry. Amanda’s thesis film, Rosa’s Esperanza is the story about a mother who tries to reconnect with her daughter one night after bringing her home from serving ten years in prison and is scheduled for festival release next year. Amanda is a current member of New York Women in Film & Television.